1. Port Engineering

o   Coastal and inland port (infra)structures

o   Physical and numerical modelling

o   Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Port Structures

o   New Equipment and Materials for Construction of Port Structures

o   Hydrography and Dredging


2. Port Planning and Management

o   Port, harbour and marina planning and layout

o   Nautical aspects

o   Operations and Maintenance

o   Mooring and ship motions

o   Port Safety Management


3. Coastal Engineering

o   Coastal infrastructures

o   Coastal stabilisation

o   Intake and outfall systems

o   Coastal protection

o   Tidal inlets

o   Materials for use in the marine environment

o   Coastal processes

o   Coastal sediments and hydrodynamics

o   Marine surveys and Instrumentation

o   Remote Sensing

o   GIS

o   Waves and Currents

o   Sediment Transport, Erosion and Geomorphology


4. Coastal Zone and Coastal Risk Management,

o   Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

o   Waterfront Development

o   Coastal vegetation and forests

o   Tourism and recreation

o   Numerical techniques

o   Extreme wave events and analysis

o   Tsunamis

o   Crisis Management of Marine Hazards

o   Maritime Safety Management


5. Short Sea Shipping, Coastal and Inland Navigation


6. Port and Coastal environmental issues and Climate Change

o   International Conventions, Rules and Regulations

o   Pollution and Environmental Impacts of Structures and Marine Transportation

o   Coastal and Marine Ecosystems

o   Climate Change

o   Marine Renewable Energy


7. Offshore and Marine Pipeline Engineering

o   Design and construction of Offshore Structures

o   Maintenance, Inspection and Repair of Offshore Structures

o   Planning and Construction of Submarine Pipelines

o   Marine Geotechnics