On 25 May 1885, the first Inland Navigation Congress was held in Brussels, providing a forum for an international debate on these questions. After some years, the Inland Navigation Congress merged with the Ocean Navigation Congress and the International Navigation Congress was born. During the Congress in Paris, 1900, a Permanent International Commission for the Navigation Congresses was set up. Two years later statutes were adopted. PIANC was a fact. Congresses are held every four years and are spread all over the world. In 1926 it was decided to release a Bulletin every half year to promote the contact between members. The Bulletin still exists, but now in the form of an electronic Magazine. A decision made in 1979 was of utmost importance: to establish Permanent Technical Commissions and Working Groups under the umbrella of the Technical Commissions. The first Working Group report was issued in 1983 and over 100 others followed suit. PIANC changed considerably over the years, from an Association organizing a Congress every four years, to an Association setting technical standards and publishing high ranking reports.