Technical Commission


The AGA operates through a Council and an Executive Committee (ExCom), which, in turn supervise the various Commissions. All Commissions (and Working Groups) have members from each country with an interest in the work or study being carried out. They gather and analyse the material available and publish results in English and French in Technical Reports. Studies are in principle short term (24 months) and are conducted by Working Groups, so that PIANC can respond quickly to current problems.


Inland Navigation Commission

Chairperson : Mr. F. Rigo (Belgium)


Maritime Navigation Commission

Chairperson : Mr. F. Esteban Lefler (Spain)


Environmental Commission

Chairperson : Mr. H. Köthe (Germany)


Recreational Navigation Commission

Chairperson : Mr. E. Biondi (Argentina)


International Co-operation Commission

Co-chairperson: Mr. A. Rao (India)

Co-chairperson: Mr. E. Schmeltz (USA)


Young Professionals Commission

Chairperson : Mr. P. Arecco (Argentina)

Co-Chairperson : Mr.A. Thomas (USA)

Co-Chairperson of Asia-Pacific : Mr.W. Glamore (USA)


Finance Commission

Chairperson : Mr. I. White (England)


Promotion Commission

Co-Chairperson: Mr. L. Van Schel (Belgium)

Co-Chairperson: Mr. H. Fiers (Belgium)

 The work carried out by the Association on subjects of interest through its technical Working Groups, composed of experts of high standing from different countries, is of considerable importance. Participation in the international Working Groups results in worthwhile contact with experts concerned to study technical and managerial matters of current importance.